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Terms and conditions

a) Vehicles left with The Wheel Genie must be covered by the owner's insurance and we will accept no responsibility for items left in the vehicle. On arrival the vehicle will be checked by a member of our staff with the owner and any damage on the vehicle recorded before the customer leaves our premises.

b) Customers must supply the tool kit and any locking keys on the wheels for their removal. Customers must check that all tools have been
placed back in the vehicle before leaving The Wheel Genie premises.

c) Customers should check with any courier used by them for the delivery/collection of wheels to The Wheel Genie that they are fully insured. Couriers contracted by The Wheel Genie will be fully covered.

d) The Wheel Genie will endeavour to refurbish alloy/steel wheels to provide the best possible finish. Wheels will be inspected on arrival and if found to be in an extremely poor condition the customer will be contacted for any additional charge before work commences and also of any additional time this may incur. Occasionally when the wheels have been stripped, other hidden defects may be revealed e.g. cracks or excessive corrosion. This again may result in additional charges and extra time required to complete the work or indeed may mean the wheels are unsuitable for refurbishment. Should any of these be the case the customer will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss the options.

e) When requesting a High Gloss finish customers should be aware that these coatings show blemishes more readily and may not give the perfect result. We will however make sure that the wheels have a remarkably improved appearance.

f) Customers should appreciate that the turn around time for the wheels will depend on the condition of the wheels and that any unforeseen circumstances may result in a time delay. Customers will be contacted as soon as it is evident that the wheels will take longer to refurbish than the time given.

g) For any vehicle brought to The Wheel Genie, we will ensure that we refit the wheels securely using the appropriate tools. Customers are reminded that it is their responsibility to check the wheel nuts are tight immediately on collection and after a 50 mile bedding-in period and at regular intervals thereafter. The Wheel Genie takes no responsibility for the re-setting of on-board computers where the vehicle has been lifted from the ground. Split rim bolts should be checked on a regular basis by the customer to ensure safety.

h) It is The Wheel Genie's policy to replace the rubber valves on all tyres on the refurbished wheel and this is included in the price. Metal or chromes valves are available at an additional cost.

i) Vehicles booked in for wheel refurbishment with the same day turn-around service must arrive at The Wheel Genie by 8.30am. This service will of course depend on the wheels having no hidden defects which are only realised once the stripping process has begun. Customers will be contacted immediately should extra time be needed to complete the process. Vehicles must be collected by 6pm unless arranged otherwise.

j) The Wheel Genie will endeavour to complete the work within the time stipulated but can not be held responsible for mechanical breakdown or power failure resulting in delays beyond their control.

k) Full payment will be required by the customer before the wheels are despatched or when car is collected. Payment is accepted by cash, debit or credit card. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques. Any wheels not paid for or collected after 28 days will be sold to recover costs.

l) Wheels are straightened and welded only with the owner's consent. You must check all welded wheels on a regular basis to ensure full safety. No guarantee is given on straightened, welded or polished wheels. A six month guarantee is given on painted wheels. The Wheel Genie is in no way responsible for any damage caused if a weld fails; welding is only carried out at the customer's request and is not a guaranteed repair.

m) A deposit of 50 is required when booking a vehicle in for refurbishment and this is non-refundable. A change to the booking date may be made and the deposit transferred to an amended date providing this change is made at least 48 hours before the original booking. Please note that the deposit will be lost if you do not re-book for the refurbishment at the time of cancelling the original date.